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Design GallerySo much to do, so little time...

So instead of telling you folks the thrilling story of "How the little painting monkey got his name and why on earth he`s not been called 3ColouredMonkey or something like that" ...erm...*cough...whatever...we better let the little fellow do his job.

Hope you like his artwork. He's in scraperboarding right now, so it probably will take some time before you see any new pictures.

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April 2014

bishop,aliens, lance henriksen, stencil, spray, monkeyswithbrushes

March 2014

predator, stencil, spray, monkeyswithbrushes

Glenn Gould, stencil, spray, monkeyswithbrushes

December 2013

Ace Hanlon, Lance Henriksen, stencil, spray, monkeyswithbrushes

Ha! New thingy to show! Well, truth be told, BlacknWhitemonkey did some more scraperboarding in the meantime, but isn't capabable to come up with any good photo, so nuffin' new from the scraperboard front. BUT he grabbed his scalpels and paint cans, cut 7 layers, and spray painted 2 of these. (First attempt at stenciling and sprayin' btw., his other pictures on this site were all painted with brushes, with no stencils at all)

Photo was taken with Monkeyphone in semi-darkness (and the monkeys were a lil' bit high from paint fumes...), colors aren't quite right, the original has more blue in it. So, yeah, crappy blurred snapshot, we need to update this :D

Stale "News" *cough*

January 2013

first scraperboard experiments




Roose Bolton_Michael McElhatton

October 2012

Roose Bolton


old Gallery examples

Chigurh Walkenalien


Much older Ex-News... ;)


Design GalleryDesign GalleryDesign Gallery



The Hound

Sandor Clegane


Acryl on Canvas








Yesyesyes, not black & white this time...;)







New picture, not yet in the gallery:

Roky Erickson






Gallery mooooooved!

This awful flash gallery also has moved...into some dark, hidden, and hard to find place...

maybe we should shredder the whole site, BnW isn't doing anything besides helping VanGoghmonkey and gaming lately...


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