Welcome... Spacemonkeys section of Monkeys With Brushes.!!! Where's the space gallery?!? Freaks from Mars kidnapped Spacemonkey's gallery!!! (you know Mars, don't you? Nice red planet with lots of Martian Canals on it? Huge Brains? Tim Burton?) All his work...lost! Looted by interplanetary vandals! fact Patchmonkey said something like "this huge swf.file is not good for performance...not user-friendly...blablabla", stuff like this (but we ignore him most of the time...our creativity must not be limited, we're artists! ;)

But since most of the monkey bunch has fallin in love with the new design of Rendermonkey's gallery, why not use it again. Enough babbling around, see for yourself...






PS: have you seen Rendermonkey's fantastic galleries yet? No? What your waiting for?

Beam me to Rendermonkey's Gallery 1: Landscapes

Beam me to Rendermonkey's Gallery 2: Humans?

Beam me to Rendermonkey's Gallery 3: Still to be named :)



nice snapshot of little Spacemonkey, right there on the new Introducing site


Space Appetizer

4 new designs...


...more coming soon!


You can get them as mousepads,


...on cases & postcards.


Enjoy! 48 pictures...

image the space gallery

Outer Space News

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November 2012


blue fog


June 07, 2011

Mice in Space?

Well, we haven't met a space mouse yet, but Spacemonkey designed some galactic mousepads anyway


July 07, 2010
Where's the gallery?!?

The answer lies on the left side of this wonderful news section with this dead "Read more" link on it...

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MAY 12, 2010
New design

Evilmonkey pushed poor little Spacemonkey further and further into open space to get finished with the new site. Well, there you go!

MAY 07, 2010
Launch of the gallery


Invasion Service

Please enter your coordinates here, invasion robots are on the way.