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Ear-ripping News

Peter Cushing, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Star Wars, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

Grand Moff Tarkin

Harbinger Down, Lance Henriksen, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

Abraham Setrakian, David Bradley, The Strain, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

Abraham Setrakian

Abnur Tharn, TESO, Elder Scrolls Online, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

Abnur Tharn

Yoshi Toranaga, Shogun, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


Nathaniel Lees, Leon, Tell, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


nathaniel Lees, Mifune, Matrix, digital art, monkeyswithbrushes








Harbinger Down,digital art, monkeyswithbrushes









Alien, BlackInk,digital art, monkeyswithbrushes












Harbinger Down, Lance Henriksen, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes












November / December 2013

Stung, Lance Henriksen, red wine, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

...experimenting with red wine...

Viceroy, Nemesis, Ron Perlman, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


Viktor, Bill Nighy, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


Baron Harkonnen, Dune, Kenneth McMillan, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

Baron Harkonnen


September / October 2013

Ace Hanlon, Lance Henriksen, ink, monkeyswithbrushes

Ace Hanlon

Ace Hanlon, Lance Henriksen, ink, monkeyswithbrushes

Ace Hanlon

Bishop, Aliens, Lance Henriksen, monkeyswithbrushes

quick Bishop copic scribbling

Fargo, Carl Showalter, ink, Steve Buscemi, monkeyswithbrushes

Carl Showalter

Fargo, Gaear Grimsrud, Peter Stormare, ink, monkeyswithbrushes

Gaear Grimsrud

AvP, ink, monkeyswithbrushes

Alien hybrid


August 2013

Jason Voorhees, Jason X, monkeyswithbrushes


Dead Man, Cole Wilson, Lance Henriksen, monkeyswithbrushes

Cole Wilson

Parker, Alien, Yaphet Kotto, monkeyswithbrushes


Predator, AvP, monkeyswithbrushes


Dead Man, John Dickinson, Robert Mitchum, monkeyswithbrushes

John Dickinson

Day of the Dead, Dr. Logan, Richard Liberty, monkeyswithbrushes

Dr. Logan

Grace Jones, monkeyswithbrushes

Grace Jones

Dead Man, John Scholfield, John Hurt, monkeyswithbrushes

John Scholfield


July 2013

Westworld, Yul Brynner, monkeyswithbrushes

The Gunslinger

Pumpkinhead, monkeyswithbrushes, ink, sketching, inktense


Thade, Planet of the Apes, monkeyswithbrushes


Ace Hanlon, Lance Henriksen, monkeyswithbrushes

Ace Hanlon

R.J. MacReady, The Thing, monkeyswithbrushes


Ripley, Aliens, Sigourney Weaver, monkeyswithbrushes


Ripley, Aliens, Sigourney Weaver, monkeyswithbrushes


Rigaud, Andy Serkis, monkeyswithbrushes


Caoilfhionn Dunne, The Night Alive, monkeyswithbrushes













June 2013

Tim Curry, monkeyswithbrushes

Tim Curry

Commissioner Monro, Michael McElhatton; Ripper Street, monkeyswithbrushes

James Monro

Doc Cochran, Brad Dourif, Deadwood, monkeyswithbrushes

Doc Cochran

Johann, Erwin Leder, Das Boot, monkeyswithbrushes


Dan Dority, W. Earl Brown, Deadwood, monkeyswithbrushes

Dan Dority

E.B. Farnum, William Sanderson, Deadwood, monkeyswithbrushes

E.B. Farnum

Alan Ford, monkeyswithbrushes

Alan Ford

Ymper Trymon, Tim Curry, The Color of Magic, monkeyswithbrushes

Ymper Trymon

General Mortars, William Shatner, Loaded Weapon 1, monkeyswithbrushes

General Mortars

Ciaran Hinds, Donmar Warehouse, The Night Alive, reference rehearsal shot by Hugh O'Conor, monkeyswithbrushes

Tommy - The Night Alive


May 2013

Harry Dean Stanton, monkeyswithbrushes

Harry Dean Stanton

Rob Breedlove, The Fall, Michael McElhatton, monkeyswithbrushes

Rob Breedlove

Night Walker Cinema, The Dinner Guest, Mike Burnell, monkeyswithbrushes

Night Walker Cinema's "The Dinner Guest"

Khalar Zym, Stephen Lang, Conan, monkeyswithbrushes

Khalar Zym

Julian Cope, monkeyswithbrushes

Julian Cope

Zero Wolf, Raoul Trujillo, Apocalypto, monkeyswithbrushes

Zero Wolf

David Bradley, Walder Frey, monkeyswithbrushes

Lord Walder Frey

Thulsa Doom, James Earl Jones, Conan, monkeyswithbrushes

Thulsa Doom

Middle Eye, Gerardo Taracena, Apocalypto, monkeyswithbrushes

Middle Eye

Milton Dammers, Jeffrey Combs, The Frighteners, monkeyswithbrushes

Milton Dammers

Ilyn Payne, Wilko Johnson, monkeyswithbrushes

Ser Ilyn Payne

Volker Bouffier, monkeyswithbrushes

Volker Bouffier


April 2013

Fjodor Schaljapin, Jorge De Burgos, Der Name der Rose, monkeyswithbrushes

Jorge De Burgos

Ernesto Hueber, Zen, Michael McElhatton, monkeyswithbrushes

Ernesto Hueber

celtic warrior, monkeyswithbrushes

Jeremy Irons, Lord Havelock Vetinari, Discworld, The Color of Magic, monkeyswithbrushes

Lord Vetinari

Erwin Leder, Singe, Underworld, monkeyswithbrushes


James Cosmo,Darksiders 2, monkeyswithbrushes

James Cosmo - The Last Sermon

chameleon,Faber Castell brush pens, monkeyswithbrushes

Jeremy Irons, Michel Comte, monkeyswithbrushes

Jeremy Irons

Igor, Marty Feldman, Young Frankenstein, monkeyswithbrushes


Halloween,Dr.Loomis,Donald Pleasence, monkeyswithbrushes


Ser Alliser Thorne, ASoIaF, GoT, monkeyswithbrushes

Alliser Thorne

Ubertino da Casale, William Hickey, Der Name der Rose, monkeyswithbrushes

Ubertino da Casale


Malachias von Hildesheim, Volker Prechtel, Der Name der Rose, monkeyswithbrushes

Malachias von Hildesheim


March 2013

Elisabeth Flickenschildt, monkeyswithbrushes

Elisabeth Flickenschildt

James Monro, Michael McElhatton, Ripper Street, monkeyswithbrushes

Comissioner James Monro

Nibelungen, Siegfried Wischnewski, Hagen von Tronje, monkeyswithbrushes

Hagen von Tronje

Hans Gruber, Alan Rickman, Die Hard, monkeyswithbrushes

Hans Gruber

Donald Sutherland, Oddball, Kelly's Heroes, monkeyswithbrushes


Gert Froebe, Edgar Wallace, Der gr�ne Bogensch�tze, monkeyswithbrushes

Gert Froebe

Borderlands 2, Copic

Psycho Midget

Gary Howard Klar, Pvt. Steele, Romero, Day of the Dead, monkeyswithbrushes

Pvt.Steele - Day of the Dead


February 2013

Ady Berber, Die toten Augen von London, Edgar Wallace, monkeyswithbrushes

Ady Berber

Roose Bolton, Michael McElhatton, Game of Thrones, monkeyswithbrushes

Roose Bolton

Johner, Alien Resurrection, Ron Perlman, monkeyswithbrushes


Vriess, Alien Resurrection, Dominique Pinon, monkeyswithbrushes


Fritz Rasp, Der rote Kreis, Edgar Wallace, monkeyswithbrushes

Fritz Rasp

The Thing, Carpenter, monkeyswithbrushes

The Thing

Borderlands 2, monkeyswithbrushes

(too much) Borderlands 2

Critters, monkeyswithbrushes



January 2013

Jean-Baptise Emanuel Zorg, Fifth Element, Gary Oldman, monkeyswitbrushes

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Michael McElhatton, Parked, monkeyswithbrushes

Michael McElhatton

Gunnar, Pathfinder, Clancy Brown, monkeyswithbrushes

Gunnar - Pathfinder

Mike Ehrmantraut, Breaking Bad, Jonathan Banks, monkeyswithbrushes

Mike Ehrmantraut

Ivan Vanko, monkeyswithbrushes

Ivan Vanko

War, Darksiders, monkeyswithbrushes

War - Darksiders

Bane, Tim Burton, Batman & Robin, monkeyswithbrushes


Martian Ambassador, Mars Attacks, Tim Burton, monkeyswithbrushes

Martian Ambassador

mantis, monkeyswithbrushes

(Slightly lunatic) mantis

Toxic Avenger, Troma, Lloyd Kaufman, monkeyswithbrushes

Toxic Avenger

scorpion, monkeyswithbrushes

Sssting you!


December 2012

Grizzly, monkeyswithbrushes

Care Bear

Roose Bolton Michael McElhatton, monkeyswithbrushes

Roose Bolton, again...

Wolfman, monkeyswithbrushes


Kroenen, Hellboy, monkeyswithbrushes


Mordred's a-hungry, monkeyswithbrushes

Mordred's a-hungry

Predator, monkeyswithbrushes


Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre, monkeyswithbrushes


hyena pup, monkeyswithbrushes


Baboon, monkeyswithbrushes


Loco - il grande silenzio, Kinski, monkeyswithbrushes

Loco - il grande solenzio




November 2012

Rorschach, Walter Kovacs, Watchmen, monkeyswithbrushes


Roose Bolton,  Michael McElhatton, Game of Thrones, monkeyswithbrushes

Roose Bolton

General Thade, Tim Burton, Planet of the Apes, monkeyswithbrushes, Tim Roth

General Thade

Snow Monkey, monkeyswithbrushes

Snow monkey

Randall, Time Bandits, David Rappaport, monkeyswithbrushes

Randall - Time Bandits

Zero Wolf, Apocalypto, Raoul Trujillo, Mel Gibson, monkeyswithbrushes

Zero Wolf

Oswald Cobblepot, monkeyswithbrushes

Oswald Cobblepot

Uruk-hai, Lord of the Rings, monkeyswithbrushes


Gothmog, Lord of the Rings, monkeyswithbrushes


Death, Darksiders 2 , THQ, monkeyswithbrushes

Death - Darksiders 2

orc boss, Lord of the Rings, monkeyswithbrushes

More orcses!

Dick Advocaat, monkeyswithbrushes

Dick Advocaat

October 2012

Michael McElhatton, monkeyswithbrushes

Michael McElhatton

Gaal, Earth 2, Tim Curry, monkeyswithbrushes


Nemesis, Resident Evil, monkeyswithbrushes


Thulsa Doom, Conan, James Earl Jones,monkeyswithbrushes

Thulsa Doom

September 2012

piratey gollum tamarin, monkeyswithbrushes


...& some more animal sketches


Just sketching...


VanGoghmonkey's first experiment with structural paste (and artificial flowers, still not glued to the frame yet...)

(16-07-2010) - Mooooooved!

New design for VanGoghmonkey's gallery site

Vargas the Mad

Vargas the Mad

(21-06-2010) - Gallery online

Monkeys With Brushes proudly presents: Fifty of VanGoghmonkey's pictures. Right there in the shiny new flash gallery. (which is now, in 2013, well hidden because it was awful...)

(18-05-2010) - Eureka!
VanGoghmonkey has done it - his first selfmade monkey-site! Little creature hopes it's also his last, or maybe next time there will be hundreds of helpful monkey paws...(Professor Monkey? You hear that? We need lots an' lots of monkey clones...)



Latest Sketchings

The Broker, Christopher Fairbank, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

The Broker

Locke, Noah Taylor, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


Powers, Triphammer, Harley Cohen, Andrew Sensenig, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


Ripper Street, Bennet Drake, Jerome Flynn, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes

Bennet Drake

Mifune, Matrix, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


quinlan, The Strain, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes


Monster Man, ink, sketching, monkeyswithbrushes