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Image One Monkules...Home of a bunch of fluffy monkeys. We're no artists, we just like to draw, scribble, render or paint things we love to look at. Also like to babble 'bout games, movies, and some of us are bookworms too. Feel free to chatter with us... :)

We admit this page is kind of a flurry heap of chaos, but hey, we're imaginary monkeys, what did you expect?

For sneaky peaks at newest pictures we recommend headin' to VanGoghmonkey's site, that's where the action is ;)

And don't, don't, don't click on all this gallery-links...those gallery-thingis are slow, old, crappy, and we're discussing right now to delete or replace them. Not sure yet what to do with them, that's why they're still here...

Latest apish activities


monkeyswithbrushes august blackink ink pictures

...and here we go again. I repaired most of the broken links, and decided to get rid of most of the monkey pages mess in the future. Until then you'll have to live with this clustered monster of a page a bit longer

Oh, and there's new scribblings to show. And there will be more of it, and a lot less gaming. Nah, seriously :D

End of July, another year, in a galaxy far away...

Yes, all of the links on the site are refusing any functionality right now. Things like these happens when your provider implements a "small" update, and you're a horde of monkeys. We'll try to update each and every single one of 'em in time, but it could take a while. We're monkeys after all...


December 2014

monkeyswithbrushes december pictures

And we're back. Nuffin much to say apart from this :D

You're absolutely right, we were quite lazy in the last months, mostly playing Elder Scrolls Online and not doing much artsy stuff (apart from carving a pumpkin that is, we love carving pumpkins...^^).

But now the one-eared monkey is back to scribbling, and we'll do some sculpting over christmas too. Need a Tharn bust for the desk, so, yeah. Let's make a mess of the living room again and sculpt one :P

fuzzy hugs,

the monkeyzzz



July 2014

monkeyswithbrushes july blackink ink pictures

You didn't wait for June, did ya? Well, there was this...uh...temporary time paradox, so...there wasn't June in reality. You just thought there was. And we had to save Tamriel once again, and...oh, what's that, a green mongoose on a bicycle?!?

We also had a lot of fun doin' some Harbinger Down fan art (in fact we had that much fun we'll do some more...), and monkeying around with the BlackInk drawing software.

Stay fuzzy, da monkeyzzz




May 2014

monkeyswithbrushes may pictures

Apparently it's May already...MayMayMay...ummmm. Time flies.

Had a blast doin' some animation stuff last month. Also worked on t-shirt designs, and finished the Bishop stencil. Sprayed 2 versions of it, both now hanging nicely in the living room (which is now pretty much crammed with paintings...)

On the gaming front the monkeys are still in love with Elder Scrolls Online, and we're waiting for the official WildStar release (well, not waiting...it's open beta. Of course we're playing!).

That's it for now I guess.

fuzzy hugs, the monkeyzzz



April 2014

monkeyswithbrushes april spray aerosol ink pictures

So...errrr...finally, some short monkey news...

Bought a DSLR, after 5 years of poundering and counting nickels. (Hooray for Amazon Warehouse Deals!) Makes some damn nice photos; still tryin' to figure out which control does what, which feature to use etc. Love it. On top of the list of "things I'll do next weekend" is taking photos of the Ace Hanlon resin figure. Looks fine in reality, and crappy on photos I did with the old camera *sigh*. Still haven't painted the guns, shame on me.

What else, did 2 more spray painting pictures; next will be Bishop and Agent Smith, but I'm running out of canvas (and money), so, yeah, next month...

On the gaming front the monkeys were torn between Elder Scrolls Online (wonderful art book! and damn nice Malog Bal statue, lookin' splendid in our living room), the Wildstar beta, and their rediscovered love for EVE online. Serious time issues :D

Stay fuzzy, da monkeyzzz

February 2014

monkeyswithbrushes february pictures

Monkeys were lil' bit tired and lazy last month, kind of hibernation (Yeah, monkeys hibernate. Well, we do. Kind of. Erm...), so there's just rendered pictures to look at in February News. So practically we used our spare time to snuggle up on the sofa and read; all volumes of Shadowmarch, some Slaughter, and some Alaister Reynolds (and we ordered more..ha!). And we did some testing of a really nice game we can't wait to be released. And that's it, more or less. Plus a lot of sleeping and eating. This month VG is back at painting new stuff and there's also the birthday of Monkeygirl to look forward to. And more testing. Harrrharr.

Guess that's all for now,

fuzzy hugs, the monkeyzzz



January 2014

monkeyswithbrushes january sculpting resin pictures

Surprise surprise, nuffin to see here... :)

Well, not yet, but there will be a photo of the finished sculpture (Yes!!!) around here next week. Figure got reassembled and painted, and now the Monkeygirl just needs to paint the guns and holsters...And maybe there will be some pictures from VG's painting experiments with red wine too.

We hope you'll have a marvellous 2014, and we wanna give some fuzzy hugs to some awesome and nice folks and friends we met online: the insanely talented Mr. @reddevangdast, awesome Angela and her Harry Purple Monkey Dishwasher, Mike and his Dust Piggies (and his yummy eggs and bacon photos...and he's doin' some great paintings too!), lovely Susan aka Omand Original, and the fantastic folks at Night Walker Cinema.

So long,

the monkeyzzz

December 2013

monkeyswithbrushes december pictures


Howdy Ho!

So what did we do in the last weeks...let's start with things we didn't do *harrharrharr*. In particular finishing the sculpture. Ha! Nope. It's still in pieces. Attaching the arms and legs will be a pain in the monkey...errr...bum, so just let's postpone it till christmas holidays. This year, hopefully. *giggle*

VG came up with 3 new pictures, and redid 3 others he wants to give away; and BlacknWhitemonkey mastered his first attempt at stencil cutting and spray painting. Finished canvas looks splendid in our monkey headquarter :)

Speaking of splendid, the Monkeygirl was lucky enough to met our hero Lance Henriksen at the Weekend of Horrors, and we're still freaked out about the photo and the signed sketchings. And she hasn't stop grinning yet. BAM! Yeah, worthy closing words. And the signed To Hell You Ride HC we were so anxious to get will arrive today. Best month ever? You bet! :D

*fuzzy hugs*


November 2013

monkeyswithbrushes november pictures

Hrmpf...again just 3 pictures. Of the same person. Errr.

Let's blame the Monkeygirl for this mess. Still hasn't finished the sculpture, so we're forced to look at all this reference screenshot thingies of Mr. Henriksen for 2 months now. Living room is lookin' part like some mad men's laboratory, workshop, and some weird cultist's shrine...especially now, after she cut off the arms and legs of the baked sculpture. Molds resembling little green coffins *shudder*. Guess at the weekend it's time for casting the resin, so let's say one week for repairing stuff, puttying and correcting the probably horrible seams. Another week for painting, and we're done with this. After two and a half months and approximately around 200 hours. Uffzzz. God knows what she's up to next...

*fuzzy hugs*,

the monkeyzzz


PS: One year since we started doin' stuff again. And we did artsy things on 359 of the last 365 days. So, yay! Monkey party! :)

PPS: Hopefully next month there are some photos to show. Of the finished sculpture, not the monkey party... :P


October 2013

monkeyswithbrushes october pictures


...quick update thingy...

Yeah, right, just 3 pictures last month. But don't worry, that's just because Monkeygirl is up to her elbows in polymer clay, so to speak. Sculpture thingy of Ace still isn't (nowhere near) finished, educated monkey guess is it will at least take another fortnight till baking. Followed by molding, casting, repairing, and eventually, painting...

So, yeah, see you next year. Bwahaha.

Nah, just kidding. There will be new pictures sometime this month ;)

*fuzzy hugs*



September 2013

monkeyswithbrushes september pictures

Yohoho and Greetings, fearless reader!

Thingis we did last month: Vangoghmonkey tried this stippling technique, which looks quite good, but is kind of time-consuming. And not really good for his hand, so he's back to good ol' sketching.

Spacemonkey grabbed about 25 Sci-Fi books (obviously 4 filled bookshelfs aren't enough yet, eh?); some Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert and Moore, and is currently reading "Greener than you think", occupying the monkey sofa. Oooooh, and we were lucky enough to snatch one of Mr. Henriksen's awesome rare AvP ceramic tiles! Wheee! One down, three to go...

BlacknWhitemonkey is tempted to try some stenciling and is gathering his skalpels and cutting mat and other stuff, whilst the rest of us is trying to survive on LV-426. Means we're playin' Aliens: Colonial Marines, and despite the devastating reviews we really like it. Only annoyance so far is Lazymonkey's not really playin' but stalking Bishop. :D (Srsly, it took nearly 20 minutes to reach Hadley's Hope, because he was running 'round the poor android in circles and squealing all the time. And then he wouldn't want to leave the operations room...^^)

Just this minute the Super Sculpey one of the monkeys ordered arrived, so there will be some unintentionally hilarious sculpting attempts this month too. Bwahaha.

And here's another link for an indiegogo campaign, this one's for the Albert Pyun Career Celebration, so have a look, share, donate... :)

Thankee-sai and May the Force be with you *fuzzy hugs*

the monkeyzzz


August 2013

monkeyswithbrushes august pictures


Oh what a month...much too hot, even for monkeys. So most of us were just lying around like a lazy cow...umph...monkey, watching Vangoghmonkey testing his pencils.

We're not too surprised he's back to his beloved huge bottle of black ink by now, after constantly mumbling about how "that red's not red", "everything looks like a child has drawn it", "not colorful enough", yadda yadda yadda...

So we wisely invested his monthly pencil budget into a signed autobiography we always wanted to have (Wheeeee!)...and preordered a comic (limited edition hc, guess if we don't get one in december, at least two of us will go berserk...*lookin' at VG and the Monkeygirl* :)

What else...uh...it's too hot to whack skeletons, too hot to write meaningful monkey news, and there are not nearly enough new black-and-white movies...

Errr...*fuzzy hugs*...See ya! :D


July 2013

monkeyswithbrushes july pictures

...dunno what to babble about...errr...July...ummmm

There's new pictures, and Vangoghmonkey finally got his set of Polychromos. The big one with the 120 pencils, naturally...

He already finished one picture (multicolored, none of his beloved black ink, believe it or not^^), but was grumbling about the paper. Hope the Hahnemühle paper which arrived today will suit him better...

Rest of us are whacking orcs and skeletons in Neverwinter. Nkay, we're freezing 'em. No whacking at all. We're loving the Foundry, but haven't had time to build an adventure yet. Or we're just cruising through Steelport whilst listening to the radio (and occasionally overrunnin' Luchadores...) in Saints Row: The Third.

So...err...that's all for now...*fuzzy hugs*


June 2013

monkeyswithbrushes june pictures


First of June, time for some apish updates...

VanGoghmonkey was a busy little monkey again, and there's even a new picture for June already. Currently we had to chain him to his desk. Security reasons. So he won't...er...accidentally fly to London in the coming weeks. We're almost sure monkeys aren't allowed in theaters, but...anyways, better safe than sorry. And he still hasn't finished the background and most of the artwork for our little project. Maybe the chains will speed up things a little bit...But since Lazymonkey bought Devil May Cry and most of us are bashing demons once again...guess we will need another month... ;)

Oh, and the awesome folks of Night Walker Cinema still need some love for their upcoming film...would be awfully nice if you folks out there take a look at their indiegogo-campaign...and maybe share it...or even donate...Thankee-sai :)

So long & fuzzy hugs,

the monkeyzzz



May 2013

monkeyswithbrushes may pictures

Whoops, it's May already...

Vangoghmonkey was very busy again, and April turned out to be the month for pictures with glasses or monks on it, and some more experimenting with liquid drawing gum (which by the way smells like something died in it...). Right now we're making a short test animation movie, VG is working on the artwork, and the rest of us are discussing which effects to use, how to use 'em properly, and testing out stuff. Dunno how long it will take us to finish the test movie or when we're ready to start with the "real" short thingy we already sketched the endless sites of storyboard for, but we're having lots of fun so far. Evilmonkey is quite busy running around with his notebook and scribbling down all usefull ideas, and the downright stupid ones too... :)

So long,

the monkeyzzz


April 2013

monkeyswithbrushes march pictures


Finally found time for watching The Hobbit in cinema. We're not really sure what to think of it, but the quintessence is something like "quite boring, all orcs and wargs looked crappy, we would not care if this damned dragon toasts all of them, and the best thing 'bout it was Dwalin had the voice of Tilo Schmitz. And the rabbit sleigh." (We really would like to have that rabbit sleigh!) So, compared to the other three, it was disappointing. *Sigh* Maybe our orcish friends will look better in 2D (but we're not too eager to find out right now...). And we watched the first episode of GoT this morning, which is not bad. Compared to the Hobbit. Bwahaha. Erm. VanGoghmonkey made some new scribblings (with an astonishing amount of black ink and beards...) whilst waiting for his new brush pens, and the rest of us are playing The Secret World.



March 2013

monkeyswithbrushes march pictures

Rendermonkey got his brand new PC...but no time to render, because he's fighting Handsome Jack in Pandora. Priorities. In fact the only one who's not killing mutants, hunting treshers or shooting insert-random-things-here all the time is VanGoghmonkey...he's testing his new Inktense blocks (loves 'em!) on watercolour paper, in combination with lots of black ink. Seems to work quite well. Erm. Lazymonkey is shouting for monkey reinforcement because he can't stop these wormhole treshers on his own...so...that's it for today... :)

In the meantime:

Lots of monkeyish cursing can be heard around Rendermonkey. He's currently trying to install some of his fancy shiny programs on the new PC (and tons an' tons of hoarded content...), looking somewhat lunatic. Better not to say something like "serial", "Windows 8" or (epic fail) "What's taking so long, dammit...". There's also lots of snow to look at or grumble about, and VG collected about 340 words for "f***g cold". And we're shooting pirates in Eve online...


February 2013

monkeyswithbrushes february pictures

So...February...Good news first, we just ordered new pc (yay!), and there's even a chance our good old notebook can be repaired. Nonetheless we're stuck with this text based html editor (which is kind of annoying to use on smartphone...) till our new hardware arrives. Guess we will survive another week without Dreamweaver ;)

VanGoghmonkey is still bravely scribbling almost every day, four months in a row now, and we observed he's improving (and not grumbling that much how this (Ears!*harharr*) or that doesn't look like it should whilst sketching). And he's excited about the upcoming IFTA Awards and instructed us to declare that Michael McElhatton got a nomination. Done. Grabbers got some nominations too, by the way...Speaking of VG, he's got a new set of Copics, and the Derwent Graphitint pencils, and some Faber Castell pens too, so pencil count for new ones goes up to around 300 since November. Phew! Now he wants the Inktense ink blocks...and the Faber Castell brush pens...and...*headdesk*

Last but not least, it's Monkeygirls birthday this month, so we're all looking forward to a nice little party at the monkey headquarter :)


January 2013

24/01/2013 - Our beloved notebook unexpectedly died yesterday night. To get an adequate replacement will take 2 to 3 weeks, so we can't do nothing much around here. Maybe we'll manage to upload some of VGs new pictures in the meantime, but since we just have this old pc from the Stone Age at home...erm...we'll try anyway :)


Roose Bolton Michael McElhatton

Happy New Year to all our monkey friends and inspirational people (or monsters...) out there!

As you can see, VanGoghmonkey is still in an artsy mood. WolfmanExperimented with his coloured pastel paper some more, tested his liquid drawing gum, and even grubbed for his chalk pastels and watercolours... so, maybe we will even see some landscape paintings in 2013. His new year's resolution is to do at least 100 sketchings. (& we think 15 of it will be you-know-who, and we're not talking 'bout Voldemort...but as long as he's happy we're fine with this, and by the way we're awfully proud of him too...and glad that he's got his rheumy monkey fingers back under control). Mordred

Rest of us doodling on our beloved Note II (try out Infinite Painter and Infinite Design, really nice painting apps!), enjoying the winter sale on Steam, or watching Monkeygirl beating the living daylight out of anything in Skyrim. And we updated our Introducing site :)

And we decided there's no calendars this year, except for monkey family (so if you really really really want one, you must adopt one of us...bwahaha!)


So long, have an amazing year,

love & hugs,

the monkeyzzz


December 2012

Still busy, busy, busy...& lots o'new pictures to show. If you haven't seen them on some social thingy or on VanGoghmonkey's site, that is. He recently let one of us post them quite regularly as soon as he got one finished. And he's still in a scribbling frenzy, and ordering heaps of new pencils...about 150 in November, plus colored paper and some things we didn't even know they're existing. Let alone how to use them. Erm. We keep an eye on him. Rest of us doin' some tweaking on the monkey sites, rendering, scratching, painting, and trying to prevent VG from drawing his favourite motive over and over again...

That's all for the moment,

the Monkeyzzz

PS: Fuzzy hugs & big "Thank you!" to all the nice people out there sharing our sketchings. You rock! :)


November 2012

Lord Roose BoltonStrange thingis goin' on...Monkeys in work mania!Thulsa Doom

We believe it all started when Evilmonkey declared how splendid a painting of Lord Bolton would look in our living room, whilst staring intendly at BlackandWhitemonkey till the lil' fellow hurried away to gather up his brushes and paint tubes.

NemesisGaalSince BnW had no time to play, the others decided to do some artsy stuff too; except Lazymonkey, Evilmonkey and Monkeygirl, they watched DVD's instead...

Michael McElhaton

So for roughly a fortnight now Monkeygirl is swaggering around with a baseball bat and not really acting like a proper lady, Lazymonkey's laughing like a lunatic and screaming "Aaaah! Ears! Ears!" at VanGoghmonkey at any given opportunity (alright, we know exactly where the 2 of you got these nice quirks from...), Evilmonkey's writing a long long list of things to draw next, Monkeygirl talked VanGoghmonkey into another drawing for her gallery, and all of them monkeys are frantically drawing, scribbling, rendering, sketching or painting...even completely stopped gaming and reading, which is kind of...uh...unusual...

So long & artsy hugzzz,

the Monkeyzzz


October 2012

Terra VI

October, golden October... in fact it's raining outside, but for a variety of reasons we love autumn. And the nice harvesting we already had... *snigger*

Despite it's just the 4th, there are already some new pictures to show, tales to tell and other thingis to write about. Lazymonkey's still laughing and gesturing 'bout Weidenfeller (well, we warned you he's easily amused...), VanGoghmonkey sketched a piratey Gollum and partly colored his tamarin sketch. Rendermonkey made some new landscape renderings, whilst complaining about the hardware and begging for a new computer. And since it's harvesting time, we're quite sure he'll get one soon.no preciousss

In the meantime we're discussing the ring tone for our new monkey smartphone (no, it's not here yet...*bounce*). Lazymonkey want fart sounds (well, no surprise there...), Rendermonkey favors The Prodigy, and the rest is in for Deichkind's "Arbeit nervt". ^^

Terra VI We're also amidst "A song of Ice and Fire" for the third time in a row, seems we're not able to read something else in the moment for long without switching back to Westeros.tamarin_coloredEvilmonkey's transforming into some kind of fan of Roose Bolton. Kind of creepy, but, oh well, it's Evilmonkey *shrug* Even started to speak in a soft an' whispery way...Good thing 'bout 'tis, he isn't yelling at us any more like he used to.

Because there was so much else to do or so much else to play (or all this tiresome running around in Moria), we're not able to reach lvl 75 when Riders of Rohan will be released like we had planned. Before we started all the other distracting thingis. No great harm, we'll get there someday... Speaking of distracting things, we pre-ordered The War Z today :)

So long & fuzzy hugs,

the Monkeyzzz


September 2012

Dum-di-dum...September...what thrilling things we did so far...erm...

Rendermonkey is rendering again! We find his latest picture rather striking, and he promised to do more of this. He also promised to do them in a good enough resolution useable as wallpaper. VanGoghmonkey is currently experimenting with his drawing inks, and kindly provided us a sneaky look at his tamarin sketch. On the gaming-front we're currently up to our fuzzy little necks in Darksiders, which is fun and worth its money, and Skyrim, which we like even more.

A big Hooray and lots of hugs (and bananas!) goes out to our purple friend Harry Purple Monkey Dishwasher, who's got his second adventure book finished. Always fun to hang out with you ;)


August 2012:

UUUUUUH! August already! (Or should we say finally?)

We're planning to work on this page a little bit here and there, and since our new set of drawing inks and the fabulous Pentel Water Brush arrived, we're quite sure to even draw (or ink) something new this month. :)

Last month we've started our Tumblr experiment, but then some time-eating monster snatched us away from it again. Maybe August will prove to be a better month for writing. Okay, maybe not... Forgot the fact we were insane enough to sign up for 5 alpha or beta game testings. Uffz. And that Darksiders 2 will be released in August *drools*. We're really really lookin' forward to that, and in the meantime training hard on the first Darksiders. Also Dark Souls for PC will be released too. Thankfully a fortnight after Darksiders...And SWTOR will be on sale before it goes F2P, so maybe we'll have a look at that too. And it's Farmers Faire on LoTRo... (you're beginning to suspect the reason why we're not painting that much in the moment, don't you^^).


July 2012:

...um...erm...seems like we were a little bit hasty last month *cough*...So it's time to happily announce our first counter-statement in apish history:

Good ol' Diablo finally got us in his claws again.

In fact we were fighting thru Sanctuary in what seems like almost all of our free time since babbling about lost potential...

Blame it on constantly talking Lyndon (oddly enough he's rarely ever speaking to our wizard. And, yeah, we really really missed him while testing Multiplayer...). Blame it on scenes like Forlorn Farm and the hillarious stuff NPCs sometimes chattering. Blame it on the Hardcore mode. So there isn't really much time at all for sketching whatsoever football heroes, we're knee-deep into demon killer business :)

We're also experimenting with SmithMicro's MotionArtist, looks fun, here's the Link for the public beta version download (and do we love their crazy website? Oh yes!)


June 2012:

Seven bloody buggering hells!

Did you see Andrea Pirlo's penalty shot against England yesterday?!? Holy Mother...! We're still completely bananas, and very excited about the upcoming Semifinal against Germany. Maybe Monkeygirl wouldn't complain too loud if we put her Villain-Hall of Fame on hold for painting some of our all-time favourite italian players...? Which means we would & MUST start with Vialli, of course. And we're already quarreling about the order after the first picture; Pirlo next, or Baresi, Gattuso, Camoranesi, Ravanelli, etc., ...someone even suggested Zenga...

We're also extremely excited because beta testing phase of Otherland is near, an MMORPG based on the great novels of Tad Williams. You absolutely should watch the yummy trailers. And read the books, if you haven't done that yet. Speaking of games, after owning Diablo III a couple of weeks now, we must say in our case it has lost the obsession potential. Artwork's good, our Monk(ey) girl bravely fought Diablo, we like the quite amusing statements of Scoundrel Lyndon, and the witch doctor isn't bad too, but still something's missing that got us chained in front of the monitor years ago...So, we're happily stuck in LotRO again, fighting evil trees, searching missing pages, or just watching aurora borealis in Forochel.

So, what else is new, BlacknWhitemonkey finished The Hound...uh-oh, that unfortunate choice of words sounds scary & immediately gets us a good ticking-of from Monkeygirl...erm...the acrylic painting of Sandor Clegane is done, and now he's got an honored place in our living room. We also have some pictures on www.fantasyartists.org, which is a new platform for, well, fantasy art :)

We're also thinking about breathing some life into our Tumblr-Site, seems like we're getting more 'n more chatty. Let's see how good that'll work in the future, or if we getting lazy and mute again... And, *oh yeah!*, VanGoghmonkey got a new favourite song, "Dark Allies" from Light Asylum, he's freakin' out dancing right now again...

Enough for today, hope we'll see you soon here again,

love & fuzzy hugs,


The Monkeyzzz


May 2012:

Sandor Clegane

Busy, busy, busy little monkeys...Playin' LotRO, readin' all available volumes of "A song of Ice and Fire" (Write faster George!!! *moans*)...

And, as you can see, Monkeygirl insisted on an addition to her Hall of Fame of yummy-lookin' villains. (Actually BlacknWhitemonkey is painting the Hound on canvas now, because she won't stop begging...by the way, VanGoghmonkey is quite fond of him too, we believe it's because of almost missing an ear also)

...oh, and we made some pirate mosaic-thingy back in April, but lacking in good photos.







March 2012:

Naaaaah, we're not just lazy. Well, not THAT lazy... Time for some handiwork again (& stitchin'...and cursin'...and sewing...and don't say "sequin" again for a long, long time. Please. (yeah,we're overdramatizing^^))

Legendary Fishheadred

February 2012:

Parrrrrrrrrrrty hard again. Birthday of one of our most fearless monkey crew members. Live long and prosper!!!

January 2012:

Just some behind-the-scenes-tuning, & fractal experiments. And...omg...is this a penguin over there?!?

spacebroccoli monkeygirl_with_penguin spacemandel

December 2011:

December already? Time for a new calendar!

monkeyswithbrushes calendar 2012

November 2011:

In case you didn't know, monkeys love Halloween. So last month was full of stitching, carving, celebrating, and of course eating pumpkin soup. Hope you had so much fun like the fuzzy ones :)

Vargas Octovatar Pumpkinmonkeypirates

October 2011:

September 2011:

All August long brave little monkeys fought against monkey flu, now they're slowly getting well. Still a lot of sneezing & coughing, and complaining about too much tea and not enough cuddly blankets...

July 2011:

This month we got some toothy news: animal sketches from VanGoghmonkey. Watch out for more...

June 2011:

Still no sighting of any Mausbiber whatsoever, but new pictures on Spacemonkey's Site.

Also new: you can watch all monkey galleries on YouTube.

May 2011:

This month we celebrate the 1.Anniversary of MonkeysWithBrushes!!! Means lots an' lots of cake, icecream, tart, fireworks and fun for the monkeybunch, and a re-design of our Zazzlestore to browse through for you. Maybe you find something you like, partyin' all month long is expensive, even for monkeys ;)

April 2011:

Shiny new sitemap, which will hopefully help you navigate through Monkeyworld.

Also some new pictures...






March 2011:

- - New pictures from Rendermonkey- -


February 2011:

News from BlacknWhitemonkey and VanGoghmonkey

January 2011:

New year = new homepage for Rendermonkey! Let's be honest, last version was humble-looking, but the new one looks yummy. Also there are new pictures to inspect, klick here to teleport thither right away.

...Shush!...Lazymonkey let you peep at the next big project in monkeyworld... ;)

Finally online: pictures of the monkey paws



December 2010:

Our little monkey artists wish you a colorful, creative, successful and, most important of all, a really happy and joyful new year.

We want to thank all our visitors from Canada, Sweden, United States, Russian Federation, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Mexico, the Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Malaysia, Turkey, South Korea, China, Argentina, Greece, Ukraine, Australia and Germany. Hope you liked our artwork, and that you'll stay with us in 2011.


(We also hope to plant some more monkey colonies...yarrrr...monkey power all over the world!!!)

Third gallery from our little "as busy as a beaver" Rendermonkey is online, while all the other monkeys are hard at (needle)work with the Monkey Stuff. Evilmonkey promised to post some pictures of the finished Monkey Paws...


Just in time for Monkey Day on 14. December, and , yeah, for Christmas also: new thingis on the Monkey Stuff page >>KLICK<<


November 2010:

Just for fun...little gimmick from Rendermonkey for all the fans of bulldogs out there

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Adobe Flash Player herunterladen


...erm...Spacemonkey dancin' like Travolta?!? On a coffin? Well, there are some strange apish days of celebration, but unfortunately we can't tell you more about it. You're not an ape...But HERE you can watch another Monkey-A-Go-Go-movie.

Oh, and by the way, the cameramonkey is not drunk. Just, you know, eat some kind of...um... fermented berries?

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October 2010:

Little artists are back from their well-deserved vacations. They took hundreds of photographs, and in the next few days more and more of this fabulous pictures will be shown on the holiday-site.

Also to come in October: More thingis on the Monkey Stuff page


September 2010:

Rendermonkey finally got his own site. Not finished yet, but it's there ;) >>KLICK<<


August 2010:

Little apish creatures were very busy...not with monkey business, but...erm...other things. Like sleeping, eating, wrestling each other, visiting real galleries or watching penguins. And many many other very important things.

But despite of this distraction they made some new pictures and stashed them in Rendermonkeys galleries.




July 2010:

New shiny start page (you may have noticed already...), and finally, YES, there they are, the long promised monkey portraits. You will find them right here.

Also new: Evilmonkey promised to let you participating in his weekend adventures, so take a look at his "Monkeying around" page.





Rendermonkey's second gallery is online. Klick HERE to visit




June 2010:

New monkey in town! Hooray for Rendermonkey!!!

So instead of the announced introducing of all the little monkeys with all their skills, good and bad habbits and, of course, a portrait of every single one of them, Rendermonkey presents you first impressions of some of his 3D landscape designs.


Image OneMay 2010:

Spacemonkey would be very happy if you take a peek at his gallery. Still unfinished, but the fuzzy little fellow makes great effort to get it done briefly.

Also soon to come: the galleries of VanGoghmonkey and BlacknWhitemonkey, so stay tuned...

And, yeah, some behind-the-scenes pictures from our monkey artists.

---EDIT: BlacknWhitemonkey's Site is on...happy-happy joy-joy---VanGoghmonkey's site too!^^


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